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Covid-19 has disrupted many industries and changed customer behaviour overnight. To look at the bright side, it has pushed new solutions on the market very rapidly and allowed new partnerships to be born. Circular principles can be applied even in crisis times and we have the great opportunity to learn how Restauranglabbet in Stockholm rapidly responded to the crisis and developed a new model to avoid food waste and take care of people affected by the new situation.

LOOP Webinar 11th June: Designing circular solution to avoid food waste under covid-19 crisis

Keynote case: Call-for-Action by The Restaurant Lab. Anders Breitholtz, Material designer and Circular Economy Strategist, Co-founder The Restaurant Lab

In mid March The Restaurant Lab in Stockholm initiated Call-for-Action, a circular design initiative to reallocate food surpluses, delivering thousands of free sustainable and nutritious meals to staff and healthcare workers, risk groups and school children sparking a wave of similar initiatives across the country. Proving that circular design thinking and Agenda 2030 mindset can be a toolkit for solutions and disruption in stressful times like the Covid-19 crises, supporting food system resilience and social, ecological and economic sustainable and robust solutions.


Today’s exceptional times are raising the circular economy’s relevance. To share learnings on how to move into circularity in practise, LOOP is launching a Nordic webinar series on circular case studies. Our concrete cases from circular pioneers such as Volvo, Fiskars and Bergans will focus on hands-on venturing, lean piloting, collaborations and present new solutions raising from circularity. We promise a hands-on approach with many concrete learnings. Short and snappy, 30 minutes per webinar.